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Gates is proud to offer you the latest information available through a webinar format designed with your training in mind. Webinars are high in value with an open format that will allow the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the meeting. Webinars will be recorded and archived for future viewing. Seating is limited, so please register early!

We Can't Do It Like We Used To: The I60R90 Initiative  I60R90

Event Date: Monday, January 30th, 2017

The best way to prevent costly system failure is to remember the Car Care Council's recommendation. Start inspecting the serpentine system at 60K miles, and replacing worn components by 90K miles or as advised by the manufacturer. When components wear, they put the entire system at risk!  

You will learn:

  • Why there is nothing wrong with a squealing belt!
  • How lack of belt tension affects the Accessory Belt Drive System (ABDS) as a whole
  • The optimum time/mileage to check for failures and avoid a larger repair
  • How the I60R90 message will reduce unneeded warranties and comebacks
  • Best practices when working on the ABDS

Length of webinar will be approximately 35 – 45 minutes. Automotive Instructors will receive a certificate and an assessment for their class.

To register click on one of the links below. Registration times for Monday, January 30th, 2017:

• 8:00am Central = 6:00am Pacific; 7:00am Mountain, 9:00am Eastern

• 10:00am Central = 8:00am Pacific, 9:00am Mountain, 11:00am Eastern

• 3:00pm Central = 1:00pm Pacific, 2:00pm Mountain, 4:00pm Eastern

What do you need to participate in a Gates Webinar?

  • Internet connection in your classroom or store (high speed works best)
  • Projector or computer screen
  • A set of good speakers and a microphone for your computer if you want to ask questions
  • Or a phone line with a speaker phone with volume adjustment

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: What does it cost to participate in a Gates webinar?

A: There is no cost or obligation ever and another value add service from Gates!  

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Click on one of the links above to self-register for the event.  

Q: How long do the Webinars last? 

A: A typical webinar will last 45 minutes and include an opportunity for you to ask questions at completion.

Q: What do I need to do before/ the day of the Webinar (if you are an educator)? 

A:  Inform your schools IT department that you will be downloading information from  and ask them to white sheet anything concerning so it can pass through the schools firewall.

For additional information on this webinar please contact your local Gates representative or Bobby Bassett at

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