Take Care of Your Fleet

Have you seen our latest video discussing heavy-duty belts and tensioners on buses? 

Although this video focuses on school buses, the message is the same for ANY heavy-duty fleet, whether you’re driving a delivery truck, a tractor-trailer, or a bulldozer. It doesn’t matter if your fleet is dropping kids safely at school, delivering packages across the USA, or transporting concrete; it’s crucial to Be System Smart with your fleet maintenance. Your business’ success depends on your trucks being on the road and not in the shop. By inspecting and replacing all components at the same time, you’re maximizing the time your fleet is working and minimizing costly breakdowns, lowering your cost-per-mile.  

What exactly does it mean to Be System Smart when it comes to component inspection and replacement? A lot of the time when talking about components that wear out quickly and need to be replaced, most people are only thinking about the belt. However, you shouldn’t talk about belts without including tensioners in the conversation! All parts in a system are engineered to work in concert and wear at about the same rate, so replacing only the belt can potentially cause the entire system to fail prematurely. You don’t want that to happen with a truck full of packages to be delivered or concrete to be laid! Gates recommends being system smart and replacing tensioners with every belt change. Check out all of our Heavy-Duty offerings here.

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