Why Should You Use Social Media?

Social media is crucial to compete in today’s market and it’s an easy way to increase your brand’s online presence. This is essential because the majority of your market is online. On top of that, today’s consumers use social media to research and compare brands. Not participating in online social networks could potentially hinder your success as a business.
91% of adults keep their smartphone within arm's reach

 With the right goals, messages, and content, social media can lead to increased commerce and sales for your business. Social media is also a valuable tool in developing stronger relationships with your customers while building your brand image. Before social media, the only interaction you had with your customer was when they came to you. Social media allows you to interact with your customers daily. 

Social Media Interaction Leads To:

•    Being Top of Mind - Your business will automatically be considered by consumers because they will know who you are and what services you offer. Interacting with consumers on social media keeps them informed about and aware of your business, giving you the competitive edge.

•    Brand Recognition - Brand recognition increases your chances of being considered in the consumer’s decision process. Let’s say a customer is researching nearby shops. If they remember interacting with you or seeing your posts on social media, or they simply recognize your business, they are more likely to consider taking their car to your shop. Familiarity goes a long way in relieving customer anxiety!

•    More Business - How many people check their oil once a day? How many people check social media once a day? Your interaction with your customers on social media could be the difference between your customer keeping up with their car maintenance or just driving until something breaks. With the right information, you could be encouraging your customers to come to YOUR shop!

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