Safe Summertime Fun with ATVs/UTVs

As the summer season kicks off, it’s the perfect time to hit the trails. What better way to enjoy the outdoors than with an ATV or UTV? 

The powersports market has experienced solid growth since 2010, particularly because of an increase in the popularity of recreational applications for these vehicles. Powersports vehicles include motorcycles, ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles), UTVs (Utility-Terrain Vehicles), PWCs (Personal Water Crafts) and snowmobiles. During the summertime, ATVs and UTVs are popular choices whether you’re mudding, racing or simply exploring new territory.

There is some essential gear you should have when you’re traveling off the beaten path. A helmet and protective clothing is a must, as you’ll never know what kind of terrain you’ll come up against. Plan to have quality boots, goggles and gloves for your adventure. Keep a tool kit with you as well, with everything from screwdrivers and pliers to zip ties and duct tape. It’s not a bad idea to have a flashlight, knife, and compass with you as well. Remember to stay hydrated and fueled by bringing along plenty of water and some non-perishable snacks. And, of course, a first aid kit! Some additional items to consider carrying with you include a tow strap and winch for emergencies.

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