Micro-V Product Line Expands to Meet the Needs of Modern Vehicles

September 12, 2014

New advancements in automotive technology can seem daunting.  With so much continually changing under the hoods of today’s modern vehicles, how can anyone be expected to keep up?

Yet at Gates, we welcome the challenge of staying up-to-date on the latest automotive advancements. As close partners with the top automobile manufacturers across the globe, we are able to work with them early on in their design processes. The result is a product line that is both comprehensive and continually expanding.

Three products in particular demonstrate this forward thinking: Micro-V® Aramid BeltsMicro-V® Belts, and Micro-V® Component Kits.

Micro-V Aramid Belts

Utilized in applications such as engines with high specific output, turbo engines, engines with poor accessory drive geometry, and diesels, aramid cord construction creates stability, rigidity, and reduces vibrations in the application. 

Gates Micro-V Belts

Gates Micro-V belts have shorter profiles, which give them increased flexibility, reduced heat buildup, and allows them to operate at extra high speeds on smaller diameter sheaves. The belts are specially designed to replace original equipment belts on extra heavy applications such as machine tools, compressors, pumping equipment and other industrial equipment requiring V-ribbed belts.

Gates Micro-V Component Kits

Gates Micro-V Component Kits include all of the components required for a total Accessory Belt Drive system restoration, including the premium Micro-V AT (Advanced Technology) serpentine belt(s), related DriveAlign® tensioner(s), and idler(s). Each kit is specifically bundled for a particular application, streamlining the process of individual parts sourcing and reducing overall costs while leading to maximum customer satisfaction.

Automotive advancements require manufacturers like Gates to stay ahead of the curve or risk being left behind. As long as there are vehicles for you to maintain, there will be Gates parts for you to use to keep those vehicles running optimally.

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