Don't Forget the Tensioner!

School buses are a BIG market: there are over 500,000 schools buses in the United States and Canada, driving to over 1.3 million schools, transporting over 25 million students! Recently, we visited Adams 12 Five Star Schools’ bus yard in Thornton, Colorado to examine changing belts and tensioners on bus fleets using our Heavy-Duty FleetRunner® products.

Bus inspections are regulated at the state/province level, and they are defined via maintenance and inspection standards. These inspections take place every 5-6 months and include pre- and post-inspections by drivers. Safety is key, so the bus is inspected inside and out for potential issues. On average there are 19 buses per technician.

Did you know that most technicians are not familiar with changing the tensioner at the same time as the belt? It’s crucial to Be System Smart when replacing heavy-duty belts and tensioners by remembering that system components are engineered to wear at the same rate. So if the belt is worn, the tensioner and other components are worn too! Inspect and replace these components together to ensure optimum engine function. You don’t want to risk a breakdown by not replacing all worn components at the same time. 

We’ve created a quick video to emphasize the importance of system replacement and quality parts. Be sure to check out the final video here and don’t close out before you see our special "surprise" ending! 

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