3... 2... 1... Let's Race!

Many of you are familiar with our Gates Racing line of high-performance products. We stood out with our eye-catching blue belts! However, recently we’ve updated our look and changed our name for these popular products. Nowadays we’re known as Gates RPM, which stands for “Racing, Performance, Muscle”. In addition to the name change, our serpentine belts are now the standard black color, while the timing belts will remain blue.

At the request of our distributors and jobbers, we no longer ship our serpentine belts in boxes. Instead, they are shipped in sleeves to make display and storage easier. These belts have an advanced construction with the latest innovative materials to live up to the demands of high-performance vehicles. Learn more about our Micro-V® belts here.

Gates RPM timing belts are as much as 300% stronger than stock belts and deliver up to 3X the heat resistance. This enables them to withstand the rigors of high horsepower. Learn more about our timing belts here.

Many of our RPM enthusiasts are both professional and amateur racers. These belts are popular with those who want to maximize their setup for all out performance, whether for a classic muscle car or a high-end performance vehicle. Want to keep up with all things Gates RPM? Follow us on Instagram!


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