Decisions, decisions: ATV vs. UTV

Looking to purchase, but can’t decide between, an ATV or UTV? Here’s a quick comparison to aid your decision.

An ATV, or All-Terrain Vehicle, is great for tight spaces and quick turns (thus why they’re used in races more than UTVs). They’re more physically demanding to ride, requiring balance for optimum control. Often referred to as a “quad”, ATVs are intended for single riders who are comfortable straddling a seating position. They also tend to be cheaper than UTVs.

A UTV, or Utility-Terrain Vehicle, is great for hauling loads because they are larger and have more storage space. They also tend to be more comfortable and safer because of their automotive-style seats and rollover safety enclosure. A perk of a UTV is that you can travel with more than one person! Don’t be fooled though. Newer UTV models are built for performance as well, not just hard labor. There is also an incredible amount of accessories and customization options available for both UTVs and ATVs.

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