Quick-Lok™ Push-to-Connect Couplings

Lock-In Savings and Lock-Out Leaks with Threadless Quick-Lok Couplings

  • Increased assembly line production
  • Eliminate leaks and emissions
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Error-Proof installation
  • Easy to service, no special tools to lose
  • Ideal for OEMs
Quick-Lok threadless couplings go together fast and they stay together - with no leaks. That means higher productivity and less warranty claims. 

 Threaded connections have limitations. 

  • Time it takes to torque a connection
  • Equipment and skill required to do so properly
  • Lack of visual indication that the correct amount of torque has been applied 
The inherent lack of complete control over this process can lead to high re-work time and cost, along with leaks and costly warranty claims. 

Quick-Lok threadless assemblies can replace threaded assemblies in approximately 70% of current applications. Look for potential Quick-Lok applications in:
  • Construction 
  • Agriculture 
  • Truck & Bus 
  • Mining & Aggregate 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Other Industrial Applications
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