The only API 16C certified hose manufactured and assembled in the United States

Gates Black Gold® XTreme™ 16C Choke & Kill hose is the first of its kind to be fully manufactured in the United States. We use patented Cable-Trap™coupling connection technology to meet today’s drilling performance requirements, including static and dynamic pressures, directional drilling, negative pressure pulses, and elevated mud temperatures. The standard lead time for the 10,000 psi Black Gold XTreme hose assemblies is approximately 6-8 weeks instead of the 22-week average of those manufactured overseas.

Black Gold XTreme 16C Choke & Kill HoseRECOMMENDED FOR: The only hose made in the USA to meet the API 16C spec, Black Gold® XTreme™ hose was designed for modern drilling methods, including horizontal drilling, dynamic pressures, high fluid temperatures, complex fluids, high pressure drilling, high flow rates and large hose sizes.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: -4°F to +212°F (-20°C to +100°C).

SURVIVAL TEMPERATURE: Tube: 350°F (177°C) for 1 hour per API Spec 16C 10.5.2.

TUBE: Synthetic polymer. Black. Resists abrasion, corrosion, oil, drilling, muds, methane, and H2S.

REINFORCEMENT: Multiple layers of “close-wound,” high tensile plated steel cables, with multiple layers of textile reinforcement under the cover.

COVER: Type C4 (Modified Nitrile). Black, specially compounded Ultrabrasion™ cover is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, cutting, gouging, oil, and weather. Outer armor of 316 Stainless Steel.


COUPLINGS: Crimped. Couplings will be supplied with your choice of end fittings. (A full range of fitting options are available, including hammer unions, hubs, and flanges.) Per API, the end fitting pressure rating must be equivalent to the pressure rating of the flexible hose. Carbon steel material meets NACE MR0175/ISO 15156. Note: Field welding of fittings to couplings is not recommended.

OPTIONAL: Accessories such as safety clamps, hose lift eyes, and collar clamps. Coupling material traceability, letters of conformance, 3rd party witness tests, and NACE certificates are available for an additional fee.

Nominal I.D. Nominal O.D. Min. Bend Radius Hose Weight
2.0 in 51 mm 5.88 in 149 mm 69.0 in 1750 mm 34.7 lb/ft 15.7 kg/ft
Temperature Range Max. Working Pressure Test Pressure Min. Burst Pressure
-4oF to +212oF -20oC to +100oC 10,000 psi 690 Bar 15,000 psi 1035 Bar 22,500 psi 1550 Bar

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