Multi Master SD MegaFlex Hose

MultiMaster™ SD MegaFlex®
Multi Master SD MegaFlex      Multi-Use Hose with Unmatched Features

  • Exceeds THREE industry specs – fuel transfer standard J30R5, the hydraulic return line standard SAE 100R4, AND the coolant standard J20R5.
  • Gates MegaFlex® technology enables a true 1:1 bend radius for unparalleled flexibility without kinking.
  • Full suction capabilities.
  • Excellent oil and fuel resistance, while also being compatible with water, air, and lubricating oils.

Your business is complex.  Your hose doesn’t need to be. 

Let Gates MultiMaster SD MegaFlex be a problem solver for your business.  Tight routings?  No problem.  Too many products in inventory?  Simplify with this multi-use hose.  Installation challenges?  Stay safe with kink-resistant hose that doesn’t add any pinch point risks.  With a wide size range (3/4”-6”) and temperature resistance (-40F to 250F), this hose has you covered.   That’s powering progress.

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Watch the MultiMaster™ SD MegaFlex® Introduction Video HERE.

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Let Gates MultiMaster SD MegaFlex be a problem solver for your business. Tight routings? No problem. Too many products in inventory? Simplify with this multi-use hose.

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