4219BF Barricade® Fuel Injection Fuel Hose 225

Formerly Barricade Fuel Injection Hose

(Specification 4219BF)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Any fuel injected engine application (1985 and newer) in cars, light trucks, off-road vehicles and small engines where a barrier fuel hose is required. Gasoline, Gasoline/Ethanol (E10, E15, E85), 100% Methanol only (Methanol blends not recommended). Diesel, Diesel/Bio-Diesel blends, 100% Bio-Diesel (SME, RME, and PME Bio-Diesels are acceptable).

TEMPERATURE: -40°F to +275°F (-40°C to +135°C) continuous service (including bio-diesel). 

-40°F to +302°F (-40°C to +150°C) intermittent service (excluding bio-diesel).

CONSTRUCTION: Tube: Type C (Nitrile). Fuel resistant, synthetic rubber, black, with thermo plastic barrier.
Reinforcement: Spiral textile.
Cover: Type J (CPE). Synthetic rubber.
Design Factor: 5:1

COUPLINGS: 75 Gates GLX®, GLP, beaded end with clamp, aluminum crimp ferrules with GC stem, and SAE J2044 quick-connect stems (barb must be suitable for rubber hose). Reference the Hose Coupling Section.

STANDARDS: CARB small engine off-road (CARB certificate Q-09-019).
Exceeds SAEnJ30R14T2+ (except kink) with SAE J30R12 burst.
Meets Gates GTS-05-067 high-pressure fuel line specification and Caterpillar CAT 1E4340 (Type A and B) diesel and bio-diesel specification.

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