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Get consistent, accurate belt tension readings every time!

Get consistent, accurate belt tension readings every time!

Gates Sonic Tension Meter measures belt tension by analyzing the harmonic characteristics of a vibrating belt. Strum the belt like a guitar string and the meter takes care of the rest. Belts, like strings, vibrate at a particular natural frequency based on mass and span length. Gates Sonic Tension Meter simply converts this frequency into a measurement of tension.

Here’s how the Sonic Tension Meter works:

First, enter belt mass constant, belt width and span length into meter using built-in keypad. Next, hold meter sensor to belt span, then lightly strum belt to make it vibrate. Press “measure” button to obtain reading and the meter quickly converts vibrations into belt tension. Readings are displayed on LCD screen.

Use the standard cord sensor to reach inside cramped compartments where conventional measurements would be impossible. An optional flexible sensor can be bent and re-positioned for convenient, one-hand operation. Use the optional inductive sensor to measure belt tensions in high-noise or windy environments.

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