Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ Belts

Poly Chain® GT® Carbon Belts

Poly Chain GT Carbon Belts — Nothing Tougher.

Give yourself a competitive advantage by designing in the Gates Poly Chain GT Carbon drive system instead of roller chain in your next power transmission application.

The patented use of Carbon Fiber as the tensile cord provides increased horsepower rating for greater power density and compactness and increased flexibility, allowing the use of backside idlers. When combined with Gates Poly Chain GT2 sprockets, you have a lightweight, long-lasting, maintenance-free system that’s more than a match for roller chain.


  • Maintenance-free, clean solution for roller chain drive conversion

    • Significantly reduces maintenance costs

    • Equivalent capacity to roller chain drives in the same width

    • Easy rust-free wash-down with Gates Stainless Steel hardware

    • Fast drive conversion payback

    • Quieter than roller chain drives

  • Robust carbon tensile cord combines minimal stretch with extraordinary strength and load carrying capacity, while absorbing shock and surge loads.
  • Durable polyurethane construction resists chemicals, oil, pollutants, and abrasion.

  • Nylon tooth facing reduces friction and eliminates the need for lubrication.

  • Fully operational in temperature extremes of -65°F to +185°F (-54°C to +85°C).

  • Available in the following pitches: 5 mm, 8 mm, 14 mm.

  • Also available in Long Length belting well suited for linear movement, positioning and conveying applications.

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Poly Chain Carbon Volt – the belt to choose when you need to exceed ISO 9563 standard for static conductivity. The power you want, the safety you never had.

Poly Chain ADV™ – a special construction to meet the needs of the most demanding drives. Skinny is the New Strong. 

Poly Chain Extended Length allows nearly unlimited length capabilities while performing identically to Poly Chain GT Carbon. All the same things that you love about Poly Chain, now in lengths to meet all of your needs. 

Introducing the ultimate replacement for huge roller chain drives. Running 2-200 roller chain?  Poly Chain 19M belts are 20 pounds per foot lighter, yet strong enough to do the job. Weighing in at a fraction, yet equal in performance, and superior in terms of life in adverse conditions. Welcome to the big time.

Not convinced a belt can do the job of chain?  Check out Bob and his 190-pound beast.

Ready to see your savings add up?  Gates Product Application Engineers are happy to help with your drive design needs. or 303-744-5800

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Gates Poly Chain Carbon Belt Drive System Manual

Access our drive design manual to find out all you need to know about your Gates Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belt drive system. Learn more about safety, design, and proper usage.

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