Poly Chain® ADV™

Introducing the strongest synchronous belt on the market. 

The perfect solution for reducing weight and metal component costs on huge drives. The latest Poly Chain® belt system is a problem solver for high-torque applications with limited space constraints.

Poly Chain ADV Cutaway

Skinny is the new strong:

  • 15% stronger than Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belts
  • Narrowest & lightest industrial drives now possible
  • Replaces heavier chain sizes than ever before – and weighs up to 97% less

Lightweight isn’t the whole story when replacing roller chain:

  • No lubrication
  • No metal on metal wear
  • Reduced replacement interval – and a much more manageable replacement product!
  • No retensioning
  • Easier installation
  • No maintenance
  • And, oh yeah, dramatically reduced weight.

Replacing a huge V-belt? You’ll experience up to 48% less force on your bearings and enjoy energy savings to boot! Seriously, it’s time to lose the weight. 
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Take a look how Poly Chain ADV stacks up against:
2-180 chain             10-strand B section V-belts

Poly Chain ADV construction is available in all 14mm pitch Poly Chain Carbon GT sizes.  Download the catalog supplement.

Today’s belt drive systems are capable of transmitting enormous power in a compact space. Download this white paper and this Product Application Note to learn about the impact this load-carrying capacity has on shafts and bearings attached to belt drives.  

Not convinced a belt can do the job of chain?  Check out Bob and his 190-pound beast.

Gates Poly Chain Carbon Belt Drive System Manual

Access our drive design manual to find out all you need to know about your Gates Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belt drive system. Learn more about safety, design, and proper usage.

PartView System Interactive Belt Products eCatalog

Access our PartView™ System interactive belt products eCatalog as your source for industrial belt technical information, CAD models, and more. Quickly find the Gates belts and components you need with Gates PartView™.

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