Linear Timing Belts

Gates linear timing belts are manufactured in different sizes, constructions, and tooth shapes. The wide range of various constructions offers the exact solution for every application. Linear belts are available in different types, such as roll stock, open ended (long length), pre-punched, endless, and thermal welded belts.

Gates linear belts are designed to ensure high class performance for both, power transmission and linear applications. And they are suitable for a broad range of demands, speeds and applications.


  • Thermoplastic polyurethane construction

  • High tensile strength and stiffness

  • Parallel cord construction for uniform tensioning

  • Smooth, low-noise operation

  • Temperature range from -5°C up to +70°C

  • Extended service temperature range is available on request

  • FDA Approval for:
    XL / L / H / T5 / T10 / AT10 / WT10 / WH / BFL20-Aramid / BFL20-RKV / BFL32-Aramid / BFL32-RKV

  • EU Food Approval for:
    T5 / AT5 / T10 / AT10 / GMT3TM / WT10 / WH / WR10


  • Conveying- and handling equipment

  • Linear applications

  • Synchronous conveying applications

  • Automatic assembly machines

  • Door drives

  • Textile industry


  • Backings

  • Profile

  • Special processing


Access our handy Belt I.D. Chart for easy-to-read images, sizing, specifications, product I.D. numbers, and more. Gates offers an extensive range of power transmission belts—from V-belts to synchronous belts—to meet your needs.

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