Coated Belts

Most belt types can be modified with a coating to achieve a desired coefficient of friction, abrasion resistance, or thickness. Gates offers more than 20 backings in categories such as polyurethane, rubber, foam, PVC, and more to meet your requirements.

All backings can be modified mechanically on request. Gates specially customizes belts according to your requirements.


  • Milling

  • Grinding
  • Grooves
  • Holes


  • Low vibration and quiet operation

  • Reduced noise characteristics

  • Adaption of friction


  • Metal stamping industry

  • Feeding and pulling applications

  • Paper handling

  • Glass conveying

  • Food industry

  • Cardboard conveying

Fabrication Capabilities

  • Minimum width 10 mm

  • Maximum width 450 mm

  • Minimum length 480 mm

  • Maximum length / welding process No limitation

  • Maximum length / gluing process No limitation

Further information regarding backings, thicknesses or special dimensions is available on request.


Access our handy Belt I.D. Chart for easy-to-read images, sizing, specifications, product I.D. numbers, and more. Gates offers an extensive range of power transmission belts—from V-belts to synchronous belts—to meet your needs.

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