Preventive Maintenance & Safety

Increase Uptime with Proper Belt Drive Maintenance

An effective preventive maintenance program keeps your facility running safely and at optimum capacity. Properly maintained belt drives can be your most cost-effective and reliable power transmission solution. Industrial belt drive performance is negatively impacted by many factors:

  • Improper Maintenance - 42%
  • Environmental Factors - 15%
  • Improper Installation - 20%
  • Poor Design - 20%
  • Improper Handling - 2%
  • Defective Components - 1%

Belt Drive Preventive Maintenance & Safety Manual

This extensive, illustrated manual provides user information ranging from inspection to installation of V-shaped and synchronous belts. Download the manual from the Resources Library.

Gates Preventive Maintenance & Uptime Services

Plant Survey: Inefficient and problem drives are identified, and cost-saving actions are provided.

Preventive Maintenance (PM) Seminar: From product selection to installation, we instruct your personnel on key steps to maintaining a productive facility.

Order Your Gates PM Training Kit

Get information and tools your facility needs to keep drives running efficiently, including an instructional DVD, single barrel tension testers, sheave gauges, maintenance manuals, and more.

Order your PM training kit 9975-0002 from your Gates distributor.


Access our handy Belt I.D. Chart for easy-to-read images, sizing, specifications, product I.D. numbers, and more. Gates offers an extensive range of power transmission belts—from V-belts to synchronous belts—to meet your needs.

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