Polyflex Industrial Belts

Polyflex® Belts

Unique 60°-Angle Polyurethane Construction Transmits Greater Loads at Higher Speeds in Less Space Than Conventional V-Belts

Polyflex JB Industrial Belts

Polyflex® JB® Belts

Joined Belt Construction Provides Increased Belt Stability, Preventing Belts from Turning Over or Coming Off Drive

PoweRated V-Belts For Industrial Applications

PoweRated® V-Belts

An Alternative to Conventional Light-Duty Belts, with High Performance Construction Delivering More Horsepower, Less Stretch and Longer Service Life

TruFlex Light-Duty V-Belts

Truflex® V-Belts

Truflex Belts Feature Superior Length Stability for Minimal Take-Up Requirements

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