SureLok™ Quick Release Pliers

SureLok™ Couplings (Push-to-Connect) are the Easiest and Quickest Coupling to Install, But Can Be Difficult to Disconnect

Surelok Quick-Release Pliers

Placement near obstructions, as well as age and road debris, affect the ability to disconnect the SureLok™ coupling. Tight spaces can also make removing a coupling almost impossible. SureLok™ pliers allow for the removal of a Push-to-Connect coupling from the tubing in seconds with just one hand. To help get into tight spaces, SureLok pliers offer two different heads; one straight and one with a 90° offset. They come in two sizes: Small, for tubing from 1/8" to 3/8"; and Large, for tubing 3/8" to 3/4". An instructional CD is included with each part number.

Sold as single units, packs of two (Large or Small), as well as all four in a handy carrying case.

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