Belt Wear Gauges

Serpentine Belt Wear Gauge

A unique tool designed to help inspect serpentine belts for wear.

pulley strap wrench

Micro-V® Pulley Strap Wrench

Allows technicians to easily remove stubborn drive pulleys with a great new tool.

PowerGrip Sizing Chart Decal

PowerGrip Sizing Chart Decal

Stick this handy pressure-sensitive size and part number chart on heat gun handle, tool kit or any convenient location.

Subaru A/C Compressor Stretch Fit Tool

This tool is required for proper installation to avoid damaging the stretch fit belt.

Gates Subaru Spacer tool

Subaru Spacer Tool

This special tool from Gates ensures a perfect installation of Timing Component Kits, every time.

V-Belt Number Finder

V-Belt Number Finder

Versatile device helps determine replacement belt numbers for cars, light trucks, heavy trucks, buses and Truflex®/PoweRated® light-duty belts, when the old belt is available.

Micro-V AT Belt Length Finder

Micro-V® Belt Length Finder

Handy tool measures every serpentine belt made to help determine replacement belt for cars, light trucks, buses, heavy trucks and other equipment.

TruFlex and PoweRated Belt Length Finder

Truflex® & PoweRated® Belt Length Finder

Improved belt length finder measures FHP belts up to 107" to determine equivalent Truflex® or PoweRated® belt numbers.

Belt Installation Tool

Belt Installation Tool

Time-saving tool affords control and reach when installing serpentine belts.

Serpentine Belt Tension Relief Tool

Serpentine Belt Tension Relief Tool

Ideal tool for removing and installing serpentine belts.

 Serpentine Ratcheting Wrench Set

Serpentine Ratcheting Wrench Set

Provides fast way of releasing tension on serpentine belt drives.

Krikit V-Belt Tensioner Gauge

Krikit™ V-Belt Tension Gauge

This easy-to-use gauge is designed for tensioning all automotive V-belts up to, and including, 7/8” top widths.

Hand Held Hose Cutter and Blades

Krikit™ II Micro-V AT® Belt Tension Gauge

Designed for tensioning V-ribbed belts on passenger cars, light trucks, heavy trucks and buses.

Micro-V Stretch Fit Belt Installation Tool

Micro-V® Stretch Fit Belt Installation Tool

Installation tool for Gates Micro-V® Stretch Fit® belts.

Gates DriveAlign Laser Tool

DriveAlign® Laser Alignment Device

The updated Gates DriveAlign® Laser Tool is designed to detect misalignment in serpentine drive systems.

Timing Belt Tension Tester

Timing Belt Tension Tester

Provides a precise method of testing timing belt tension on a variety of automotive applications.

Cam Gear Sprocket Tool

Cam Gear Sprocket Tool

Gear holding tool provides safe, effective means for holding wear while removing and reinstalling belt or sprockets without damaging gears, cams or valves.

Hose Plier kit

Professional-Grade Hose Pliers Kit

Introducing an all-in-one set of professional-grade tools for easy radiator hose installation and repair.

Hydraulic Tensioner Pin Set

Belt Tensioner Pin Set

A Gates exclusive that is a must have for every technician.

Multi-Lock Tool

Multi-Lock Tool

Multi-Lock tool “locks” twin camshafts in place during timing belt replacement or engine overhaul.

Stretch Fit Tool

Stretch Fit Tool

For 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta with 1.6L engines.

Alternator Decoupler Pulley Tool Kit

Alternator Decoupler Pulley Tool Kit

This handy tool kit contains all of the tools required for ADP removal and installation.

Power Steering and Alternator Pulley Kit

Power Steering & Alternator Pulley Kit

Designed to remove and install press-on-type belt driven accessory pulleys found on most vehicles.

Power Clean Flush Tool Kit

PowerClean® Flush Tool

The PowerClean® flush tool cleans engine cooling systems completely and thoroughly.

Bend-N-Fit Tube Bender

Bend-N-Fit Tube Bender

Simply and easily duplicates bent tubes.

Ratcheting Pliers

PolarSeal® II Pliers

PolarSeal® II Pliers are used to crimp clamps on PolarSeal® II couplings.

Surelok Quick-Release Pliers

SureLok™ Quick Release Pliers

SureLok™ couplings (Push-to-Connect) are the easiest and quickest coupling to install, but can be difficult to disconnect.

Coolant Battery Refractometer

Coolant & Battery Refractometer

Measures concentration of coolant mixture in engine.

Hand Held Hose Cutter and Blades

Hand-Held Hose Cutter & Blades

Makes clean cuts with no ragged edges.

Product Grabber

Product Grabber Telescoping Pole

Allows easy product hanging and retrieval from belt boards that are installed high on walls.

Radiator Cap and Cooling System Analyzer Kit

Radiator Cap & Cooling System Analyzer Kit

Contains all components needed to check cooling systems and radiator caps.

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