Heater Hose Merchandiser

Attractive, Yet Rugged Metal Cabinet Organizes and Keeps Stock Neat

Heater Hose Merchandiser

Designed to hold dispensing cartons, making it easy to pull hose out for measuring. Create a “Hose Center” by adding the popular Gates Fuel Line/PCV/EEC and Vacuum Tubing Merchandiser to the top of this unit.

  • Holds one each 50 ft. cartons of 1⁄2”, 5/8” and 3⁄4” heater hose
  • Handy 36” measuring scale printed on side makes it easy to measure the exact length of hose needed
  • Assembled unit measures 201/8” x 17.5” x 43”. (Shipped K.D.)

Note: Merchandiser does not include hose.

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