Audi VW Solution Kit


Application specific kits created for high labor applications where the front end module must be pulled forward for access to accessory and timing belt systems.

Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth Minivan

Reduce comebacks with a permanent solution for noise issues.

Dodge Trucks Chrysler Pass Cars Solution Kit

Dodge Trucks / Chrysler Passenger Cars

Permanent and inexpensive fix for damaged filler neck.

Ford F Series Truck Solution Kit

Ford Crown Victoria

Kits allow complete service of accessory drive, including Alternator Decoupler Pulley (ADP), without replacing expensive alternator.

Ford F Series Truck Solution Kit

Ford F-Series Trucks

Kit designed to correct OEM situation where upper radiator hose must be removed to replace the serpentine accessory drive belt.

Honda Odyssey Solution Kit

Honda Odyssey

Addresses buzzing or humming sound from accessory drive, particularly at the alternator.

Honda Civic Solution Kit

Honda Civic

Accessory drive belt routing produces excessive force on tensioner causing tensioner misalignment, belt noise and possible tensioner bolt failure.

Mazda Solution Kit

Mazda 6

Kit addresses squeaking or rattling which may emit from engine compartment during normal driving conditions.

Nissan Frontier Xterra Pathfinder Solution Kit

Nissan Frontier, Xterra and Pathfinder

Kit includes belt and tensioner designed to eliminate belt squeal.

Toyota Camry Solara Highlander Kit

Toyota Camry, Solara, Highlander and RAV4

Kit Addresses Noise from Engine Compartment.

Toyota Corolla Celica Matrix

Toyota Corolla, Celica, and Matrix

Kit addresses chronic noise issue with Accessory Belt Drive System.

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