Green Stripe® Constant Tension Clamps

Green Stripe® Constant Tension Clamps Provide the Reusable, Self-Adjusting Band Needed for a Dependable Seal, Even in the Coldest Conditions

Green Stripe Constant Tension ClampApplications include auto, truck and bus cooling systems and turbo chargers. Green Stripe® constant tension clamps feature:
  • Larger, heavier gauge precision-formed spring washers with higher rates of band tension and adjustability for a more dependable seal
  • All stainless steel construction for maximum corrosion resistance. Band and Housing – 9/16" wide – GSCT 301 and GSHD 304 stainless steel. Hex-Head Screw – 410 stainless steel GSCT 5/16" and GSHD 3/8" wide
  • A uniform 360° seal
  • Clamping diameters – GSCT 9/16" to 31/2" and GSHD 1" to 91/8"
  • Tighten Green Stripe® clamps to minimum of 50 in./lbs. and maximum of 85 in./lbs
  • Tighten Green Stripe® heavy-duty clamps to minimum of 75 in./lbs. and maximum of 125 in./lbs

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