Reducer & "Y" Connector Assortment Kit

Kit includes hard-to-find components.

Small Inside Diameter Molded Coolant Hose

Small Inside Diameter Molded Coolant Hose

Specially designed, OEM style factory-molded hose to fit today’s smaller, tighter-fitting engine compartments.

90 Molded Heater Hose

90° Molded Heater Hose

Especially designed for difficult heater hose applications requiring sharp 90° bends in the hose.

Green Stripe® Heater Hose

Heavy-duty construction assures dependable operation in truck, bus and off-road equipment heater systems.

Firewall Heater Hose

Firewall® Heater Hose

Extra heavy-duty hose designed for maximum durability.

Safety Stripe Heater Hose

Safety Stripe® Heater Hose

EPDM hose constructed for extra-long service life.

Silicone Heater Hose

Silicone Heater Hose

Ideal for extremely high temperature service in radiator, heater and other coolant transfer hose applications.

Heater Hose Connector Assortment

Sturdy impact-resistant plastic case holds an assortment of hose connectors.

Heater Hose and Fuel Line Connectors

Heater Hose and Fuel Line Connectors

Unique single-barb design provides greater sealability between single or dual inside diameter hoses.

Molded Coolant Hose Identification Guide

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