PolarSeal® II A/C Barrier Hose System

Suited for hard-to-service applications, long hose runs, complicated retrofits and field repairs, the PolarSeal II System provides more hose-path options.

PolarSeal I

PolarSeal® Hose

Designed for environmentally safe R134a* refrigerants in automotive air conditioning and industrial systems such as tractors, construction trucks, and mobile and stationary refrigeration units.

PolarSeal II

PolarSeal® II Hose

PolarSeal® II Hose is designed to be installed with PolarSeal® II couplings and clamps.

PolarSeal and PolarSeal II Couplings & Accessories

PolarSeal® and PolarSeal® II Couplings & Accessories

OEM quality couplings in 64 configurations to fit most mobile refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

PolarSeal II Clamp Assortment

PolarSeal® II Clamp Assortment

Introducing Gates PolarSeal II Clamp Assortment for easy A/C Hose System Repair.

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