Power Cutter® Model 208

208 model cuts four-wire braid through 2", and six-wire spiral hydraulic hose through 1-1/4" I.D.

Product Number: 7480-6609

Effortless, Straight Cuts Every Time

  • Clear face shield for added safety
  • Powerful, high-torque 4.5 horsepower motor makes cutting fast and easy.
  • Includes scalloped, 12" blade to dissipate heat, reducing friction for clean, faster cuts up to 1-1/4" I.D.
  • Optional abrasive blade for continuous use with 1-1/4" I.D. and larger spiral-wire reinforced hose.
  • Cuts two and four-wire hoses through 2", six-wire hoses through 1-1/4".
  • Reversible blade can be sharpened; removal and installation is fast and easy.
  • Quickly cuts small 3/16" I.D. hose while also handling tougher jobs, including up to 2" I.D. spiral-wire hose.
  • Easy-to-use front face plate with movable pins holds hose securely for a clean, straight cut.
  • Sturdy blade guard shields spinning blade for added safety.
  • Permanent mounting brackets (included) to attach saw to table.

*Optional abrasive blade preferred for cutting spiral-wire hose larger than 1-1/4" I.D.

Caution: Keep blade sharp. Heat generated by a dull blade can damage steel and flare the hose.


Arbor Hole: 1"

Power Source: 4.5 HP Peak, 11/60 Hz., 20 Amp Motor

No-Load Speed: 3,500 RPM

Dimensions: 22-1/2" Wide by 18-1/4" Deep by 23-1/2" High

Weight: 65 lbs.


Blade Dimensions: 12" by 1/8"

Scalloped Replacement Product Number: 7482-0983

Optional Abrasive Product Number: 7482-0426

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