GC16XD Mini Crimper & Pump

GC16XD Mini Crimper & Pump

With the GC16XD Mini Crimper & Pump, you can make factory quality assemblies quickly and easily in the most demanding locations anywhere.

GC32XD Crimper

GC32-XD® Crimper & Stand

Crimps every hose and coupling in the Gates hydraulics catalog — fast.

Gates Digital Dial Crimp Control

MobileCrimp® 4-20 Digital Dial

Portable but powerful enough to crimp up to 1-1/4”, 4-wire hose.

Mobile Crimp 4-20

MobileCrimp® 4-20 Positive Stop

Portable but powerful enough to crimp up to 1-1/4”, 4-wire hose.

Power Crimp® 707

Crimps most hydraulic hoses from low pressure return lines to extremely high pressure spirals.

SC32 Shop Crimper

SC32™ Shop Crimper

Versatile, easy-to-use, economical machine suitable for a production environment.


GC®32TSi™ Crimper

Innovative crimper provides all the tools and information needed to crimp factory-quality hose assemblies.

GC96® Crimper

Crimps up to 2", 6-wire hydraulic and 6" industrial hose.

PolarSeal Hose Portable Crimper

PolarSeal® Portable Crimper

Specially designed for crimping Gates PolarSeal I & PolarSeal II hose, as well as ACA and ACB couplings.

Ratcheting Pliers

PolarSeal® II Hose Pliers

PolarSeal® II pliers are used to crimp clamps on PolarSeal® II couplings.

PolarSeal II Clamp Assortment

PolarSeal® II Clamp Assortment

Introducing Gates new PolarSeal II clamp assortment for easy A/C hose system repairs.

Coupling CabinetDs

Hydraulic Coupling Cabinet

Versatile, easy-to-assemble units are compactly designed to give you years of reliable service.

Two Drawer Coupling Cabinet

Two-Drawer Coupling Cabinet

This two-drawer cabinet is ideal to add nylon air brake tubing couplings to any hydraulic inventory.

Power Cutter® Model 208

For four-wire braid through 2" and six-wire spiral through 1-1/4" I.D.

Hose Cutter MOdel

Hose Cutter Model 6-32

For six-wire spiral and two-wire braid through 2” I.D.

Portable Hose Saw

4-16 Portable Hose Saw

For up to 1", four-wire braid hydraulic hose.

2-24 Hose Cutter

Hose Cutter Model 2-24

For two-wire braid through 1-1/2" and four-wire spiral through 1" I.D.

Work Bench

Equipment Work Bench

Sturdy work bench ideal for mounting hydraulic crimpers or saws.

HS-1 Hand Swager

HS-1 Hand Swager

Six-ton jack swages thermoplastic and PTFE hose and couplings.

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