International Thread Identification Kit

Kit contains Metric and British thread sizes, both male and female.

LifeGuard™ Sleeving

Contains 10,000 psi bursts and 5,000 psi pinhole leaks at 250°F for up to five minutes.

Small Nylon Tubing Cutter

Nylon Tubing Cutter

Tubing cutter gives straight, clean, square, safe cuts on J844 nylon tubing.

Gates MegaClean System For Hydraulics

MegaClean™ System

For removing contamination from the inside of hoses with the help of pressurized launchers.

Air Brake Fittings

Air Brake Fittings

Gates is proud to offer a large assortment of air brake fittings.

Nylon Protective Sleeve

Nylon Protective Sleeve

Gates durable nylon sleeves perform a dual role.

Hose Guards

Hose Guards

Gates offers a full line of hose guards for most every need.

Mini Air Hose Banner

Vinyl Bend Restrictor

Tapered PVC sleeve reduces bending stress to the hose near the coupling to prevent damage.

Hydraulic Assortment Kits

International Hydraulic Assortment Kits

Seize the opportunity to expand your hydraulics business with Gates world-class hydraulic products.

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