Heavy-Duty Retractable Air Hose Reel

Make your work easier with the Gates Heavy-Duty Retractable Air Hose Reel.

Hybrid Polymer Air Hose

Has zero memory so it won't kink or curl, making your job easier, not harder.

Hybrid Polymer Water Hose

Hybrid Polymer Water Hose

Superior bend radius and easy coiling after use.


Hybrid Polymer Whip Hose

Will reduce wear and tear on your hoses.

Safety Stripe Air Hose

Safety Stripe® Air Hose

Durable, premium hose for garage and service station air impact tools.

Charter Airhose

Charter Air Hose

Designed for multi-purpose air hose applications.

Multi Use Hose

Multi-Use Hose

For handling lower pressure air, water, agricultural spraying, oil or grease.

Charter Multi Use Air Hose

Charter® Multi-Use Air/Water Hose

Ideal for air and water applications.

Signal Call Tubing

Signal Call Tubing

Designed for driveway signal devices in service stations and garages.

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