FleetRunner® Micro-V® Belts

Designed for the Toughest Applications.
Superior Flexibility, Stability, & Load Capacity.
Unsurpassed Belt Life.

Patented materials deliver peak performance at extreme prolonged operating temperatures, making this belt the ultimate problem solver. An advanced blend of EPDM rubber technology withstands the modern threats of deterioration from increased exposure to ozone and water-based coolants. 

  • Belt of choice by fleets, including 3/4 and 1 ton pickups
  • Overall lowest cost-per-mile
  • Consistently outperforms all competitors
  • Outstanding crack resistance at extreme temperatures
  • Problem-solver designed for the toughest applications

Did you know? Heavy-Duty Serpentine System diagnostics start with the tensioner. Many of the symptoms that indicate a problem with the heavy-duty serpentine belt drive system – squeal, vibration, and excessive belt wear – can be traced to a worn or failed tensioner. That’s why the tensioner is the best place to start when diagnosing trouble. Gates DriveAlign® Heavy-Duty Automatic Belt Tensioners are the longest lasting in the industry.

Gates also offers FleetRunner® Accessory Component Kits with all of the components needed for total Serpentine Belt Drive system restoration. Be System Smart and replace worn system components at the same time. Learn more about Be System Smart here.

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