DriveAlign® Heavy-Duty Automatic Belt Tensioners

The Longest Lasting Belt Tensioners in the Industry

DriveAlign® heavy-duty tensioners are engineered to exceed demanding OEM requirements. In laboratory tests and under extreme peak-to-peak oscillation and contamination tests, they lasted up to three times longer than competitive aftermarket tensioners. These tensioners are assembled in an OE approved facility using OE equipment and processes.

  • Labyrinth Seal – prevents contamination of internal parts for maximum durability and service life
  • Machined Steel Pulley – reduces surface wear while shielding internal bearing from outside contaminants
  • Double Row Bearings – twin rows of bearings carry more load and last up to three times longer than two individual bearings
  • Optimized Components – engineered for maximum strength and durability
  • Patented Design – provides superior belt alignment and tension for improved drive efficiency and life
  • Round Spring Wire – includes chrome-silicone torsion spring for less flex-fatigue than flat-wire designs
  • Patented Damping Mechanism – provides maximum stability, reducing vibration and increasing the life of belt, tensioner and other accessory drive components
  • Patented Pivot Bushing – provides smooth pivot action and ensures proper alignment of the tensioner pulley

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