Barricade Carburetion Fuel Line Hose

Barricade® Carburetion Fuel Line Hose

Low-permeation, premium hose for use on carbureted engines, PCV and EEC systems, and for fuel return hose on fuel injection systems.

Submersible Fuel Line Hose

Submersible Fuel Line Hose

Ordinary fuel line hose is designed to handle fuel on the inside only.

Fuel Fill Hose

Fuel Fill Hose

Designed for transferring fuel from vehicle’s filler neck to fuel tank.

Fuel Filler Neck Hose

Fuel Filler Neck Hose

Designed specifically for auxiliary gas tanks on recreational vehicles.

Diesel Emission Fluid (DEF) Tank Fill Hose

Diesel Emission Fluid Hose (4217IS)

Specially compounded for transfer of urea solution such as AdBlue® used in the exhaust treatment of diesel engines equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology. Also used for remote tank filler vent.

Mechanical Fuel Cap Testers, Adapters and Replacement Parts

Mechanical Fuel Cap Testers Adapters + Replacement Parts

Economical, easy-to-use alternative to electronic testers.

Heavy-Duty Fleet and Off-Road Saddle Tank Caps

Heavy-Duty Fleet and Off Road Saddle Tank Caps

Heavy metal construction throughout. Meets I.C.C. requirements.

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