Tri-Power® Belts

Featuring Gates Proprietary Construction, This Belt Has a Superior Combination of Flex and Load Carrying Capacity, as Well as Less Stretch Resulting in Less Maintenance

Tri-Power Belts

This provides superior performance on the toughest heavy-duty A, B and C Section industrial drives. Suitable for all industrial applications, particularly where small or sub-minimal sheave diameters are required.

  • Notches molded into the belt during manufacturing make this belt well suited for drives with smaller diameter sheaves
  • Belt edge is machined for even sheave groove contact resulting in less slip and wear
  • Flex-bonded cords are strongly bonded to the body of the belt resulting in equal load distribution and the absorption of bending stress without cord deterioration
  • Meets RMA oil and heat resistant standards
  • Meets RMA static conductivity requirements

Note: Tri-Power® belts are available in AX, BX, and CX sizes.

Tri-Power® belts longer than 210 inches are a banded, cut notch construction.

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