Super HC® and Super HC® Molded Notch V-Belts

Recommended For Use on Special Drives Where Space and Weight Limitations are Critical

Super HC and Super HC Molded Notch V-Belts

These “narrow” cross-sections can transmit up to three times the horsepower of the classical cross-sections (A, B, C and D) in the same amount of drive space. Suitable for all industrial applications, particularly where space, weight and horsepower capacity are critical.

  • Gates curves provide proper cord support and full contact with the sheave-groove for uniform loading, uniform wear and increased belt life
  • Flex-bonded cords are strongly bonded to the body of the belt resulting in equal load distribution and the absorption of bending stress without cord deterioration
  • The Flex-Weave® cover is a patented construction for longer cover life, providing extended protection to the core of the belt from oil, dirt, and heat
  • Meets or exceeds RMA standards for static conductivity and heat and oil resistance

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