Increase Productivity & Profits in Your Snack Food Facility

Outdated Power Transmission Systems Are Costing You More Than You Might Expect

  • Up to $200 per minute is lost to scheduled maintenance downtime
  • A slipping belt can result in up to $1,051 per year – and per drive - in energy losses
  • Roller chain requires downtime for lubrication and maintenance

Boost productivity and Cost Savings with Gates

Gates can help you maximize uptime by providing solutions that deliver 98-99% efficiency and longer life, and require no maintenance or lubrication. Contact your Gates representative today to see where savings can be found in your facility, or click here to learn more.

Scheduled downtime for maintenance at snack food manufacturing facilities interrupts production. Access our "Fighting the Snack Attack: Interrupted Productivity" snack food infographic to find out how Gates synchronous belts improve reliability and operating efficiency while reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

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