With Miles of Bedrock to Drill, Make a Failed Hose the Least of Your Worries

Don't Let Hoses Become Your Rig’s Achilles Heel

  • Flexible hose assembly issues cause 47% of all downtime
  • The typical drilling rig has 132 flexible hose assemblies and a single hose failure can shutdown your entire operation
  • A blown hose can cost an offshore drillship up to $550,000 a day and land rigs up to $25,000 daily

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Don’t Let a Pinhole Leak or Hose Burst Shutdown Your Rig

Your drilling rig utilizes over 100 flexible hoses, and those hoses are the cause of almost half of all recorded instances of downtime. Don’t let your rig rely on unreliable equipment. Gates has the products you need to keep your drilling operation running.

Back Your Rig with the Reliability of Gates Products and Service Programs

Gates offers a complete line of industrial and hydraulic hose products specific to the oil & gas industry including the Black Gold® drilling and vibrator hose that resists severe temperature, pressure and corrosion to help keep your rig running smoothly and safely. Our onsite service model helps you minimize downtime where it matters most – in the field. Keep your rig and your profits up and running and with Gates.

Gates Catalog For Hydraulic Hose, Crimpers, Couplings & Equipment

Browse through the full array of Gates hydraulic hose, coupling and equipment offerings. Also learn the recommended limits of Gates hydraulic hose assemblies—and which components work best for maximum service life and minimum maintenance.

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