Continuous Mining Shouldn’t Mean Continuous Repairs

Don’t Let Inferior Hydraulics Cut into Your Profits

  • Hydraulic injuries can cost up to $250,000 per incident
  • As little as one quart of oil can contaminate up to 250,000 gallons of water
  • Hydraulic power and belt drive failures cause as much as 47% of downtime

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Continuous Mining Demands Uncompromising Reliability

Undergoing relentless stress and pressures, your equipment must stand up to some of the most strenuous conditions imaginable. One hydraulic hose failure could put a stop to your entire operation, costing you time, money, and possibly even your workers’ safety. Power your mining equipment with Gates products to ensure that you stay safe, profitable, and on track.

Power Your Continuous Mining Operation With Gates Hydraulic Hose Solutions

As temperatures and pressures rise, the likelihood of equipment failure also rises. Given that most hydraulic applications operate between 150˚ and 300˚F, you need hydraulic hose, sleeving and adaptors you can rely on to keep your operation running and your workers out of harm’s way.

Gates Catalog For Hydraulic Hose, Crimpers, Couplings & Equipment

Browse through the full array of Gates hydraulic hose, coupling and equipment offerings. Also learn the recommended limits of Gates hydraulic hose assemblies—and which components work best for maximum service life and minimum maintenance.

Mining accidents are on the rise, with 9% of onsite injuries caused by hydraulic hose failure. Use Gates high-performance products designed for tough applications to meet regulatory requirements and decrease the risk of injury at your mine.

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