Downtime is Contaminating Your Profits

Our Two Cents Could Save You Over $500,000 Per Drive

  • Replacing a greasy roller chain with a belt drive could save you $500,000
  • Replacing less reliable competitive belts could save you $220,000 annually
  • On process conveyors, switching to Poly Chain® GT® Carbon reduced replacement spending by 90%

Uptime Makes You Money, But Scheduled Downtime Keeps Your Operation Clean

You are under considerable regulatory pressure, at a minimum, facing one washdown per shift. But every minute of downtime costs you thousands of dollars. So how do you reduce this costly downtime by eliminating unnecessary maintenance and making washdowns faster, easier, and more effective? Gates has engineered a line of belts that replace filthy, outdated roller chains with smooth, clean running belts that keep your factory producing. That’s powering progress.

The Most Reliable Products for Your Line

When it comes to power transmission solutions for food processing, some drive systems simply work better than others. In an industry that accounts for $500 billion in U.S. gross output every year, a mere 1% increase in gross output would earn your industry an extra $5 billion a year. Gates power transmission solutions deliver exponentially more performance for a negligible cost. Talk to a Gates uptime expert to increase the output and profitability of your factory with the most reliable, low maintenance power transmission solutions available.

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