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Gates Synchronous Belt Construction Poster

  • Infographic
  • Industrial, Power Transmission

How well do you know your synchronous belt construction? Download Gates Synchronous Belt Construction poster to see the engineering behind its patented design with high-strength tensile cord, a protective driving surface, and Twin Power® for equal power capacity on each side of the belt. Designed to hold up in ambient and application temperatures, environmental contaminants, and where resistance to water and various solvents is required. Gates synchronous belt construction is engineered to last.

Download the poster.


The Gates Safety Guide: An Inspection and Preventive Maintenance Program for Industrial Hose

  • Guide
  • Fluid power, Industrial

Read how to select the right industrial hose and materials to increase hose life, improve performance, ensure safety, and save money. You'll also find tips on industrial hose maintenance, hose cleaning, hose storage, and troubleshooting.


Safe Hydraulics: Hydraulic Maintenance & Safety

  • Guide
  • Fluid power, Industrial

Check out our safe hydraulics guide to learn more about the importance of preventive maintenance for your hydraulic systems. Find out guidelines to follow to reduce downtime, improve production, and extend equipment service life.


PowerGrip® GT 3 Drive Design Manual

  • Manuals
  • Industrial, Power Transmission

Access this drive design manual to find out all you need to know about your Gates PowerGrip® GT®3 belt drive system. Find out more about safety, design, and proper usage.


Model 508C Sonic Tension Meter Manual

  • Manuals
  • Industrial, Power Transmission

Download this manual for a quick look at the Gates Sonic Tension Meter components plus detailed operating instructions and troubleshooting tips.


Product Application Notes: Taper-Lok® & QD® Bushing Installation & Removal

  • Manuals
  • Industrial, Power Transmission

Download this Product Application Note to learn more about Gates Taper-Lock® and QD® Bushing installation and removal. Proper bushing installation is critical to good belt drive performance.


Heavy-Duty V-Belt Drive Design Manual

  • Manuals
  • Industrial, Power Transmission

Learn about Gates heavy duty V-belt drive design in this manual. Find out more about drive features and procedures to get the most out of your Gates V-belt drive.


Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ Drive Design Manual

  • Manuals
  • Industrial, Power Transmission

Access our drive design manual to find out all you need to know about your Gates Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belt drive system. Learn more about safety, design, and proper usage.


Belt Handling For Poly Chain®

  • Manuals
  • Power Transmission, Industrial

Download this Gates Product Application Note to learn how to properly handle Gates Poly Chain® synchronous belts. Learn more about proper handling and installation to maximize the service life of your Gates Poly Chain® belts.


Product Application Notes: Shaft & Hub Keyway & Key Size Guide

  • Guide
  • Industrial, Power Transmission

Download this Gates Product Application Note to learn about shaft and hub keyway and key sizes.


Gates MegaSys® Hose & Couplings Brochure

  • Product Brochure
  • Fluid power, Industrial

If you work with high-pressure hydraulic hose assemblies in extreme environments, you know that hose failure is always a risk. See how Gates industry-leading MegaSys constant pressure hoses and couplings have been setting the hydraulic standard, increasing production, and reducing overall spend for decades. These powerful wire-braid and spiral-braid hoses exceed SAE standards and have a distinctive design and pressure color coding for easy identification in stock and in service.

Download the brochure.


G2XH Hose Bulletin

  • Tech Tip
  • Industrial, Fluid power

Learn about Gates new G2XH hose, which has similar performance specifications and improves upon feature of the G2AT-HMP line of hoses.

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