Gates Corporation Releases 465 New Automotive Aftermarket Parts

Apr 25, 2017

Gates Corporation, a global diversified manufacturer of industrial, automotive, and heavy-duty aftermarket products, today announces its expansion of Original Equipment (OE) quality automotive aftermarket products with 465 new part numbers covering several product categories.

Highlights of the announcement include:

New Retractable Air Hose Reels. Gates presents two variations of the Retractable Air Hose Reel, the result of extensive customer feedback and exceptional engineering. The first is a multi-use, fully enclosed automatic reel that allows the hose to be reeled out to the needed length and then held at that position. Its gradual return feature ensures no uncontrolled rewind if the hose is accidentally released. The second is a heavy-duty reel with a heavyweight dual supporting arm with galvanized and powder coated assembly for indoor or outdoor durability. Both come with Gates’ Hybrid Polymer Air Hose. Please note that these reels will be available after May 15, 2017.

Increased Coolant Outlet Coverage. Gates has 42 new part numbers for extended coverage of our OE-Exact and OE Performance Coolant Outlets. Improved seals provide leak-free performance while an advanced weld process ensures consistent construction every time. The Gates Coolant Outlet line does not require special tools and features all-in-one solutions, simple bolt-on solutions, and easy one-step installation.

Expanded Line of Heater Hose Assemblies. Gates adds 3 new parts covering over 7 million Chrysler applications to its OE-Exact Heater Hose Assembly line. Made with OE materials, Gates’ heater hose assemblies provide an OE-exact fit at significant cost savings compared to the OE dealer. All assemblies are manufactured with heavy-gauge steel tubing, strong welds, and high resistance against corrosion and rust.

More Turbocharger Hose for the Import Market. Gates is expanding their already popular Turbocharger hose line with 7 new import parts including 2 Subaru parts, our first for this make. These hoses are frequently sold only from an OE dealer, making them difficult to find. Gates import line uses only OE-exact materials, readily handling high temperatures and pressure while resisting oil permeation. Gates turbo hose and kit offerings provide coverage for millions of VIOs and multiple makes.

Additional Molded and Branched Hose Options. Gates is growing its molded coolant hose line with 74 new parts covering almost 5,500,000 vehicles on the road. 34 of these new hoses cover 3,700,000 European vehicles and 21 are for Asian applications, broadening Gates’ import coverage with OE-exact replacements. In addition, 38 new branched hoses have been added. These parts are generally only available from the OE dealer.

“Gates focuses on providing high quality aftermarket products and solutions for both import and domestic vehicles,” said Todd Hack, Vice President Automotive Aftermarket. “Technician feedback, extensive testing, and market research allow us to continuously improve our current offerings while also manufacturing cutting-edge new products to satisfy our customers’ needs and stay ahead of the curve in the evolving marketplace.” 

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