Gates Targets High Volume Urban Bike Market with Expanded Product Line

Aug 04, 2016
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DENVER (August 3, 2016) – Gates is targeting the high-volume European urban bike market with a new crankset assembly designed to work with Thun bottom brackets and the most popular geared hubs. Gates will show the S150 crankset, plus new products including longer belts and components designed for Pinion and Rohloff, at Eurobike 2016.

Consisting of an alloy crank integrated with Gates' lightweight CDN composite sprocket, the S150 assembly offers Gates' premium performance at a lower price. “The S150 is a plug-in solution for high-volume bike manufacturers. It shows our commitment to providing complete Carbon Drive systems that simplify drivetrain installation and maximize OEM factory efficiency,” says Gates Carbon Drive Director Todd Sellden.

The S150 cranks are available in black or silver and ship installed with a 46-, 50- or 55-tooth CDN sprocket. Gates partnered with Thun on the design of the S150, which is compatible with Thun’s Zumba bottom bracket line. Zumba BBs are pre-engineered to enable optimized belt lines for all the leading internally geared hubs: Shimano Alfine and Nexus, NuVinci, Rohloff, SRAM and Sturmey Archer.

Gates Carbon Drive will introduce a range of other new products for bikes and eBikes at Eurobike:
• Longer belts: The 158-tooth and 168-tooth CDX belts allow product managers to spec Gates Carbon Drive on bike models with longer stays, including cruisers and long-tail cargo bikes.
• Lower-cost CDN rear sprockets: Complimenting the existing line of plated steel CDN rear sprockets, the new hybrid sprockets consist of a proprietary engineered composite body combined with a stainless steel core with Gates’ patented Surefit interface. “This product makes Gates more attractive for product managers designing 500-Euro urban bikes,” Sellden says.
• More CDN belt lengths: The 113- and 120-tooth belts expand the CDN line to accommodate the most popular size requests from product managers.
Pinion and CDX:SL

In partnership with Pinion, Gates will show product managers at Eurobike a new line of rear sprockets with sizes designed for Pinion’s new C-Line gearboxes. Called CDX:SL, these nine-spline alloy sprockets are designed for light trekking, urban use and mountain bikes. Most popular sizes will be available in late 2016.“We expect the C-Line to be very popular, so Gates worked with Pinion to ensure that product managers have more modestly priced sprocket options designed specifically for Pinion,” Sellden says. “CDX:SL has a more attractive price than our CDX stainless steel sprockets and it is designed to take the loads of a Pinion gearbox, with a nine-spline interface for durability.”

CDX, CDX:EXP and Rohloff
While the introduction of CDX:SL expands pricepoint offerings, the entire premium line of CDX front sprockets has been re-designed to improve their performance and aesthetics. The new CDX design is lighter, has more material in high-wear areas and features a sleeker, modern look.

For high-mileage Rohloff cyclists, Gates is introducing new CDX:EXP rear sprockets with a splined interface. This new interface, designed in partnership with Rohloff, makes it easier to remove and service the sprockets on Rohloff hubs. “Gates expects to see Rohloff continue to grow in not only trekking and mountain bikes, but also eBikes,” Sellden says.

Gates Carbon Drive’s Eurobike booth (A2-203) will feature a range of new bikes and electric bikes across all leading categories: urban commuting, mountain, trekking, cargo, and even BMX.

About Gates Carbon Drive
Consisting of two lightweight sprockets and a high-strength belt embedded with carbon fiber cords, Gates Carbon Drive™ is a low-maintenance, chain-replacing technology from Gates Corporation, the global leader in automotive and industrial belts. Clean, quiet, light, and strong, Carbon Drive requires no greasy lube, weighs less than a chain drive and will not stretch. Due to its low maintenance and ease of use, Carbon Drive is a technology that can get more people on bikes. Gates Carbon Drive is featured on more than 400 bike models from more than 250 brands in 2016. See more at:

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