Gates Powers into Stationary Bike Market

Jul 06, 2015

DENVER (June 25, 2015) – Gates Corporation is pushing into the growing stationary bike market, with leading brands including Stages Indoor Cycling, Schwinn Fitness and FreeMotion Fitness using Gates Carbon Drive™ belts on their new models for smooth, strong, quiet and low-maintenance performance.

“Gates sees a great opportunity to grow sales in the stationary bike market thanks to the spin class phenomenon, and as health clubs and fitness centers upgrade their studio fleets with new lower-maintenance models,” says Todd Sellden, director of Gates Carbon Drive Systems.

Chains stretch and wear if not properly lubricated, leading to a loss of efficiency. Gates Carbon Drive belts require no lubrication and will never stretch, leading to increased durability and longer life. Belt life is even longer on a stationary bike than a regular bike due to the lack of frame flex, allowing the belt to operate at optimal efficiency like an industrial or automotive drive--applications where Gates belts are a proven success. Chains also become noisy as they wear out.

Stages Indoor Cycling recently launched two new models with Gates Carbon Drive belts. The SC2 and SC3 debuted to high acclaim at IHRSA, the top trade show for health clubs, thanks to a range of new features including the Stages CarbonGlyde™ drivetrain. Stages says the SC2 and SC3 provide “the smoothest, most realistic ride available indoors, with unparalleled reliability and lack of maintenance.”

“Stages Indoor Cycling is focused on providing a highly realistic and consistent cycling experience,” says Stages Vice President Doug Crawford. “The Gates Carbon Drive solution is a key ingredient in the formula. Our high inertia CarbonGlyde drivetrain pedals smoothly and provides solid power transmission from rider to bike. The Gates Carbon Drive belt never stretches or flexes and requires essentially no maintenance during the service life of our bikes.”

Stationary studio bikes traditionally require a lot of maintenance due to their high use. “Bike maintenance is a time and money vulture,” says Karen Casler, owner of CB CycleBarn in San Clemente, Calif., which uses Stages bikes. “Chains require monthly lube, routine annual maintenance and constant adjustment. Using Stages bikes with Gates Carbon Drive means lower monthly costs and allows me to focus on running my business instead of fixing bikes.”

Stages is not the only brand using Gates Carbon Drive. FreeMotion Fitness uses the Gates belt on its popular Le Tour de France stationary bike. Schwinn Fitness offers two indoor bikes with Gates belts: the A.C. Performance Plus and the A.C. Sport. Watch the Schwinn Fitness video detailing its Carbon Blue drivetrain:

About Gates Carbon Drive

Consisting of two lightweight sprockets and a high-strength belt embedded with carbon fiber cords, Gates Carbon Drive™ is a low-maintenance, chain-replacing technology from Gates Corporation, the global leader in automotive and industrial belts. Clean, quiet, light, and strong, Carbon Drive requires no greasy lubrication, weighs less than a chain and will not stretch. Due to its low maintenance and ease of use, Carbon Drive is a technology that can get more people on bikes. Find your bike at



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