Another Innovative Solution Kit from Gates Corporation

Jul 14, 2015

DENVER, Colo. - Gates Corporation, a global diversified manufacturer of industrial, automotive, and heavy-duty aftermarket products, announces another innovative solution kit for the Automotive Aftermarket with the accessory component kit for the Ford Drive Electric Hybrid System. 

This new kit contains the replacement belt, tensioner and pulleys for the Ford E-450 Azure Hybrid Drive System. Azure Dynamics Corporation, in partnership with the Ford Motor Company, produced a hybrid drive system that required a special dual-sided serpentine replacement belt. Unfortunately, Azure filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and companies that have the Ford E-450 with the Azure Hybrid Drive System in their fleets have struggled with finding replacement parts for the accessory drive system and are facing economic losses when fleet vehicles are out of commission.

Gates Azure Kit
FedEx was one of the companies struggling to find replacement parts for their Ford E-450 fleet vehicles and contacted the Gates Corporation.  “We contacted Gates after exhausting our search for a custom belt for our hybrid vehicles,” stated Marcello D’Aureli, FedEx Master ASE Certified Senior Vehicle Technician.  “Gates worked with us to recreate this very unique belt … and much to our surprise, they even supplied us with pulleys and tensioners.  We now have several units on the road with this belt and tensioner kit.”

Gates engineers provided a solution to get these vehicles back in service by creating a market exclusive accessory drive system replacement parts kit. “At Gates, we take the voice of our customers seriously and our engineers are constantly creating solutions to difficult problems. We take pride in the latest addition to our Solution Kit product portfolio,” said Jason Davis, Product Marketing Manager.

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